Monday, 13 June 2016

Quick Cucumber Soup

1 large cucumber (approx. ..... more or less is fine)
1/2 white onion
large clove of garlic
small head of lettuce - little gem or round lettuce is fine.
1 large white potato

salt, pepper, vegetable or chicken stock - enough to well cover.
1 - 2 tblspns. Sunflower oil 
a knob of butter

1. Prepare Veg: 
You dont need to peel the cucumber, just remove the ends and cut the rest into small chunks,
peel potato and cut into small chunks
peel onion and chop small
remove garlic skin and chop

2. Microwave:
Place all the veg in a large microwave bowl, plus some sunflower oil and the knob of butter.  Cover with a plate.
Zap until the veggies have softened.

3. Add your Stock to well cover the veg, and zap for about 5 mins. Test to see if the veg are cooked and soft enough - if not just zap for another 5 mins or so.  Cool slightly.
Liquidise or use a hand blender if the soup is very hot.
The soup should be a nice creamy texture to the thickness you like.
Add milk or more stock if it needs thinning down.

Add a little cream to serve - either hot or chilled.

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