Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Hungry Sailors

I have been watching Dick and James Strawbridge (father and son) - The Hungry Sailors - at 4 pm each week day on ITV1- it's absolutely delightful. (Dick strawbridge is an ex-Masterchef winner).  He and his son, James,  have been sailing around our coastline on the Amelie Rose, stopping off at various places and cooking dishes from produce they find locally.  All of the dishes are uncomplicated, as they only have a galley to cook in, but the combination of looking around an area, finding lovely products/producers, and cooking for them - is super.

They do also, (however), make the odd contraption or two - for example - a windmill-type-sail construction attached to a coffee grinder, hoisted on a pole - to get the wind force to grind coffee! :)  It is fun!

The ITV Recipe section has closed down, but here are some links with some Dick Strawbridge recipes:

BBC 1.
BBC 2.


Michael said...

I have enjoyed every moment of the Hungry Sailors on ITV but cannot understand why there isn't a book and / or a DVD to accompany the series. Please urge the producers to make these accompanying items; it will help to clear my Sky Planner recorded items: I have every one of the superb episodes!

Shirl R said...

me too! The series was very entertaining. I wish I did have some sway with the producers - but unfortunately not!
kind regards.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Would really like to see The Hungry Sailors series released on DVD. This is the best 'cooking' programme, entertainment plus, very well done.