Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Rice Pud Revival :)

If you've made some Rice Pud and find it has dried out a bit, the next day, just add it to a saucepan with some cold milk, bring gently to the boil, stirring, and it should be just fine.

Oven: 180/190 deg.C - couple of hours.
Recipe for Rice Pudding: serves a good 2 portions

1pt. (600 ml.) cold milk (Full Fat is best, but Skimmed is fine.)
1.1/2 ozs. (approx. 2 tblspns) Pudding Rice
same amount of sugar
a large knob of butter (optional - but nice) - plus some extra for greasing dish.
Grated Nutmeg - optional

1. Butter an ovenproof dish and place all ingredients in.
2. Bake for approx. 2hrs. although lower temperature and longer cooking time is fine.  Just check every so often to see it hasn't become too dry - if so, just add a little more milk.  It should be a nice sloppy, creamy texture :)

I love my rice pudding, served hot, with strawberry jam - lovely.

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