Saturday, 15 June 2013

Broccoli Soup with Dolce Latte - very easy

general nice veggie pic at Borough Market, London.
1 large head of broccoli - rinsed, chopped - (discard dry end)
large clove of garlic - peeled, chopped
1 white onion - peeled, chopped
Piece of Dolce Latte cheese
salt and pepper
Vegetable Stock
small amount of olive oil and a knob of butter

(This can also very easily be made in the Microwave.)

1. Melt the butter/oil and add the chopped broccoli, onion and garlic.
2. Saute until beginning to soften. Stir so that the veg don't stick.
3.  Add hot stock to well cover (you can always add more stock or some milk later to thin the soup down), and cook until the vegetables are very soft.  Cool.
4. Liquidise until a nice smooth and creamy consistency is reached.  Taste and Add more seasoning, extra stock or milk if needed.
5. Serve hot with a large knob of Dolce Latte in the soup - this will melt nicely when stirred in.

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