Saturday, 23 June 2012

Drying Herbs

I have lots of herbs in the garden - they are generally very easy to grow - above: purple sage, golden marjoram and rosemary.   Tie them into bunches, wind each bunch with an elastic band and either hang them upside down to dry (from somewhere convenient in the kitchen), or put them in a pot to dry - they will serve as a good dried herb, and look pretty while they're drying.

When they have dried well, you can either put the leaves into screwtop jars, where they will keep for a few months, or put them into your blender/liquidiser and use them as a dried herb mix.  The Rosemary tends to keep longer than the others so you may want to store this separately. You can store the 'powder' in a screw-top jar - but to test they are still worth using - give them a sniff!

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