Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tel Aviv - FOOD!

One thing about Tel Aviv (and probably Israel in general) is that you could never go hungry!  Almost every few yards there is a cafe.  The food is terrific - very fresh, very tasty and very moreish. (You can never really tell what time of day it is as people are sitting in cafes eating throughout the whole day!)  It's also great for vegetarians as the varieties of salads and edibles are wonderful.    The breads are superb - apparently Jaffa is renowned for its bread - we tasted some and it was delicious.

Halva is a delicious sweetstuff - definitely the best I've tasted.  Melted in the mouth!

The beach is also great - though you have to pick whether you want loud music or a bit of peace and quiet :) !  ...... will definitely be posting some Israeli recipes.

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