Saturday, 28 January 2012

Flu! Bah!

Unfortunately I've been down with the dreaded flu bug - though fortunately (or not) I didn't really lose much of my appetite!  According to the doctor, you can take lots of things to relieve the nasty cough and sore throat, which I did, but felt most of them were a waste of money.  

However ........... I found a good teaspoon of Manuka Honey in a hot orange or lemon drink (lemon or orange juice and hot water) is as good as anything, and seemed to work quite well.  I sipped it during the night too, and this did help with the cough.

There are some good recipes on the Manuka Honey website - and if you fancy a little treat - try my Honey & Apple Cake - apparently Cinnamon is also good for you -  I cant guarantee it will get rid of the flu - but with cake and a nice cup of tea, you might feel more relaxed :)

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