Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lamb and Mutton Slow Cooked & Gratin Potatoes

this is a very easy - (cant really go wrong) recipe, and is a lovely autumn/wintery dish ........ This recipe is thanks to Raymond Blanc - although I did tweak it a little (excuse me M. Blanc) .............

Mutton Casserole : Barley with Leek : Creamy Gratin Potatoes
Oven: 230 C for about 30 mins, then lower to l50 for approx. 4 hrs. (or more)

Ingredients for Meat Casserole:
lamb and mutton pieces - I used mutton pieces and lamb fillet (cut into pieces)
olive/sunflower oil
fresh herbs (if poss:   rosemary,marjoram (oregano), few sage leaves, couple of sprigs of thyme
large clove of garlic
Carrot, White Onion, Celery - few other veg. of choice, if wanted
I used a mixture of Sherry & Apple Juice as my stock liquid - have enough to cover the meat - you may need to add some more later on.
I also kept back the small pieces of bone, and roasted them beforehand to add to the casserole - though this is optional.  You could do this while leaving the meat to marinate.

1. Combine in a bowl with your meat: 
little olive or sunflower oil
a large clove of crushed garlic, 
fresh herbs - rosemary,marjoram (oregano), few sage leaves, couple of sprigs of thyme (remove twigs!) and salt.
Rub into the meat and leave, covered,  to infuse for a short time.

2. Place all the above (and roasted bones if using) into your large casserole, and add:
1 large peeled and chunkily chopped carrot
1 white onion - peeled and also chunkily chopped
couple of celery sticks - chopped
courgette if fancied and any other veg you fancy putting in.  Turn all of this over very well so that they are well coated and mixed together.
Add your stock liquid.
Tuck a piece of greaseproof paper in over the top and cover the casserole tightly with foil or a lid.

3. Place in oven for approx. 30 mins on a high heat, then lower. 
Baste from time to time, adjusting the seasoning if necessary (adding freshly ground black pepper).

Potato Gratin:
Peeled and parboiled Potatoes - I used 3 large Maris Pipers plus about 8 small ones.
500 ml. whipping cream, S and P
clove of crushed garlic
Small amount of Thyme
knob of butter for greasing baking dish

The potatoes are parboiled first, then sliced, layered and seasoned, into a buttered dish, 
add your whipping cream (or whipping and single cream) + large clove of crushed garlic.
Cover with greaseproof then foil.

This is baked at approx. 160/180 C or bake for longer if put in with the mutton casserole (though obviously for less time than the meat) - 
Remove the foil when the potatoes are almost cooked,
Bake until bubbling and the potatoes are going brown (in parts) - test with a skewer to see if cooked through.  
Re-cover with foil and leave longer if not completely cooked.  If making a larger quantity remember this will take well over an hour or more to cook through.
Somehow, the longer you leave these potatoes, the tastier they are!

I also cooked some barley in my rice cooker. (I think lamb and barley go well together).
8 ozs. pearl barley - rinsed and soaked for about an hour
1/2 large leek - sliced, S and P 
small knob of butter.
Approx. 1.1/4pts. Vegetable Stock - you may need to add more as the barley soaks up a lot of liquid.
Cook as per Cooker instructions.

I cooked some peas as well to go with this, as I felt some 'green' was needed!  (Artistic license!)

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