Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Great British Menu 2011 - critique ......

I have been watching this series - (I love Friday's judging day), with Matthew Fort, Pru Leith and Oliver Peyton. Oliver Peyton grumbles his way through the judging and is usually very critical. I don't find anything wrong with this - as his judgement is often right. I love Pru Leith, who seems to calm both men down from almost coming to blows, and her criticisms are also very on target. Matthew too is a major part of this team. They work extremely well together and I love watching them.

However, when watching Oliver on The big day of the "Street Banquet" - - he was just a joy to behold. He seemed to be having a wonderful time, and was thoroughly proud of the occasion. Somehow or other, they come up with the goods, and it looked as if absolutely everyone enjoyed the day too. It must have been a very stressful event for the Chefs, but the food looked tremendous

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