Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Masterchef 2011

This most recent Masterchef has had me bored and interested through this series. I love the combination of Greg and John together but some of the contestants have been a bit tedious to watch.

This series has had a revamp too, which I'm still not sure about as it seems to concentrate on the contestants rather than their actual dishes. However, I am enjoying it again and will carry on watching :).

Raymond Blanc - Kitchen Secrets

I can sit and listen to Raymond talking for an age, which makes his programmes very watchable for me. I love his recipes but apart from his book Simple French Cookery - I really dont use many of them. This book is well worth owning and I think he's used some of the recipes in this series.

I'm fascinated by Raymond's skill, where he makes everything look so simple, with the help of Adam of course! ...... I have been lucky enough to stay at Le Manoir au Quatre Saisons and have to say it's a complete treat ...... expensive, but wonderful.

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