Thursday, 1 April 2010


What looks like a strawberry, but is white and tastes like a pineapple?

A pineberry, of course.

The freaky fruit is going on sale at selected Waitrose stores.

While the delicacy might look like a faded strawberry, it is said to have the exotic flavour and smell of a pineapple.

If the pineberry tantalises your tastebuds, you best be quick - they are only in season for the next five weeks.

The fruit, which has the same genetic make-up as the common strawberry, originated in South America where it grew wild.

It had been near to extinction until seven years ago when Dutch farmers saved it.

Now it is grown commercially in glasshouses, turning from green to white and is ripe when the seeds turn dark red.

Waitrose fruit buyer Nicki Baggott said: "Pineberries offer our customers the chance to add a new fruit into their diet and the berry's bright appearance can add an unusual decoration to sweet dishes.

"As the summer unfolds we won't be surprised to hear that our customers are inviting their friends over for pineberry pavlovas, punch or serving them up with yogurt for a lighter alternative."

A 125g punnet of pineberries will sell for £2.99 until April 13,

and afterwards for £3.99.

I suppose this could be an April Fool?!


Dave B. said...

This is most certainly a marketing stunt/April fool's as there is a web marketing company named Pineberry.

BeadBag said...

I'm sure you're right - though I was April Fooled!

Margaret said...

You nearly had me fooled too!!!

BeadBag said...

I know - I completely thought it was genuine - until I realised the date!