Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Fish Chowder - very easy

Ingredients: serves 4

couple of tblspns. of Olive oil or oil and a knob of butter
1 small onion peeled and chopped
(thinly sliced white part of a small leek if wanted)
1 stalk of celery - peeled and chopped
1/2 lb.potatoes (250g.) - peeled and roughly chopped
approx. 14 fl. ozs. Fish stock - home-made preferably but stock cube is fine
approx. 14 fl.ozs. milk
couple of bayleaves, small clove of garlic - crushed

approx. 12 ozs. - lb.cod or haddock (including a small amount of smoked haddock if wanted)
herb of choice - parsley, corriander, thyme - chopped


Saute the onion and celery until just softened
Add the milk,stock and potatoes and simmer until the potatoes are almost cooked.
Add the fish - - and simmer until the fish flakes easily and is cooked through.
This shouldn't take very long. (5 mins? depending on the thickness of the fish)
Taste for seasoning and serve, garnished with fresh chopped herbs of choice.

You could also add some sweetcorn, peas and/or throw in a few ready-cooked prawns. The prawns work well.


Laura Nickoll said...

So simple, but sounds so tasty. A great weeknight dinner - will definitely give it a go!

BeadBag said...

Thanks Laura - it is really easy to make - and just hits the spot!