Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Spinach Soup - very easy & pretty quick ...

1 pack Spinach leaves - washed
1 white onion

couple of cloves of garlic (if wanted)

olive oil/sunflower oil
some soft boiled potatoes

Veggie or Chicken Stock

: little nutmeg and cream

1. Wrap your onion (unpeeled) in foil, and the garlic cloves, with a little olive oil, and roast until nice and soft.

2. Microwave the washed spinach with a little water, until softened.
Rinse with clean water as it can still taste a little muddy, drain and squeeze out excess water.
3. Put the spinach, the soft inner part of the onion, garlic, some boiled potatoes and some stock into your liquidiser - blitz till a creamy consistency - adding more stock if needed.

Season well and serve with a little grated nutmeg, if you like the taste of it, little drizzle of olive oil and a blob of cream.

This recipe is good if you dont like chopping onions.

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