Saturday, 10 January 2009

Masterchef - BBC

NEW ENTRY for April 2010:
I haven't been following the latest Masterchef series at all - just little bits and pieces. I've found it unexciting and boring. Maybe it's reached it's sell-by date? I haven't found any watchable cookery programmes on at all.

New Entry: 20th Feb 2009:
......... getting very exciting! Quite a turn-around yesterday!

new entry: 13th Feb 2009:

I believe the series is improving and getting a little more exciting. I think unless the personalities of the cooks are interesting to follow - I tend to get a little bored. The cooking is secondary! ........
Well, I cant help it if I'm shallow!

post for 10th Jan 2009:

the new series (5) of BBC's Masterchef ............. well, it's ok. I still watch it, but haven't found it very exciting at all. I would find it hard to judge the contestants, as my feelings towards their personalities would override their cooking abilities! The only thing I do find annoying with the judging, is the way in which both John Torode and Greg Wallace - (who(m) I really like) - so very carefully put each fork or spoonful into their mouths - I dont suggest they just gulp them down, but it's just looks a little too medicinal ?!


Anonymous said...

Is it considered stylish for the one with the hair always to appear as though just arrived after a night on the tiles, unshaved, uncombed and underdressed? It makes one wonder how he could ever have afforded to become a gourmet. Come on! Surely any presenter on the Beeb should, by definition, be presentable

BeadBag said...

Hi Anon: - he does look slightly disheveled (!) but he's a very nice bloke, chef and very well qualified.