Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Salmon & Prawn fishcakes - quick and very easy!

This is a variation on the Salmon & Scallop Fishcakes recipe. This is much quicker and pretty easy. You can buy almost everything ready-prepared.

I used the following products:
Scottish Lochmuir Salmon Flakes 120 gms. (from M&S - UK)
King Prawns (Organic) 140g. (M&S)
small amount of mashed potato
some chopped fresh corriander, and dried oregano
Seasoning (S & P),
1 beaten egg and small amount of seasoned flour
(on 2 separate plates)
little milk if necessary.

Put all ingredients - (except beaten egg and flour) - into your food processor and whizz together till combined.
Wet your hands and make into patties, coat in beaten egg and seasoned flour.
Fry in shallow amount of groundnut oil, (or similar).

I prefer these cold, but they can be reheated in the micro and would be nice with a fried egg on top - as a little snackette! Very tasty!

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