Thursday, 20 November 2008

Salmon & Scallop Fishcakes

Ingredients: - makes 4 - 5
1 salmon fillet
about 6 scallops taken from a Pack of frozen scallops - or fresh
small knob of butter
Mashed potato*, seasoned but no added milk or butter
Chopped fresh parsley or corriander
Milk, seasoning,
Beaten Egg and flour for coating (I used Gram flour)
Oil for shallow frying (grape seed, rape seed, groundnut or coconut oil)

Poach the salmon and scallops in seasoned milk - adding a small knob of butter.
(I place the fish & milk in a Pyrex dish and cover with another plate, over a saucepan of boiling water, on a medium heat).
Poach until the fish is cooked through and will flake easily. Test the scallops, as these may need a little longer to cook through. Keep the milk.

Flake the salmon, chop the scallops fairly finely, and add the mashed potato with a little of the milk. Add the chopped parsley or corriander. Combine well until you get a nice thickish mixture. Taste - and season well.

Put the beaten egg and seasoned flour into two separate plates and
Using wet hands, make your mix into patties, dip them into the beaten egg, then coat with flour and fry over until lightly golden. Leave on greaseproof paper or wire rack until cooled.

we like to eat these cold with a salad.

* you can use up leftover jacket or roast spuds but you will probably get more of a knobbly texture to the pattie as these will probably have to be chopped rather than mashed ......... still nice though!

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