Saturday, 2 March 2013

Tomato Loaf - Vegetarian

Marmande Tomatoes from Nice Market

Oven: approx. 190deg.C
In food processor:
2 beef tomatoes - skinned - (pierce with a sharp knife, drop into boiling water for a minutes or so, then into very cold water and skin should peel easily)
1 small onion - peeled
couple of large chestnut mushrooms
Approx.  couple of cups of leftover cooked Rice
A goodly handful of Fresh Corriander leaves - roughly chopped
1 slice of bread - brown and seedy if poss.
small knob of hard butter
Dont process these ingredients too much, as you wont want the mixture too mushy.

Panko Breadcrumbs - these are very good, but ordinary fresh breadcrumbs would do as well . 
Use enough to make the consistency of mixture that you like.
1 beaten egg ....... If you like a firmer mixture add 2 eggs.
Olive Oil/Sunflower Oil

1. Blend the ingredients together in your food processor, except the oil and egg, - the quantities aren't crucial.

2. Add the beaten egg (or two) and some more breadcrumbs if necessary, to make a not too sticky mix. Add your seasoning to taste.

3. Put mix in a well buttered loaf tin, pat down evenly, and drizzle a little oil over the top.
Bake until going slightly golden and the mixture is 'set'.

This is very nice served in slices, either warm or cold. Great for a lunchbox.

Idea 2: You could lightly saute the chopped vegetables first, add the other ingredients and bake as above.

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