Thursday, 21 February 2013

Vegetable Pie (1) - with ready-made Shortcrust Pastry

I love Pies!
"comfort food" :) 
about 6 largeish chestnut mushrooms
clove of garlic
1-2 spring onions (scallions)
1 yellow pepper
salt and pepper, olive oil, knob of butter
1 tsp. of Oregano + large pinch of Thyme.
5-6 Charlotte potatoes (yellow, waxy) 
100g spinach
4-5 ozs. Reblochon cheese- cut into chunky pieces
2 eggs +1/4 cup of good olive oil (a fruity one is good)
Shortcrust Pastry sheet  - ready made is fine (and easy!)
small amount of Cornmeal  
small amount of sesame seeds

1. Rinse and wilt the Spinach over a low heat, squeeze out excess liquid and set aside.   
    Peel, quarter (or eighth) the potatoes and boil them until just cooked through; drain.
    Halve and slice the mushrooms - (cut off the stalk ends if they are dry)
    De-seed the pepper and slice into small pieces
    Peel and chop the spring onions
    Peel and crush the garlic, add dried herbs.   
Saute the veg. except the potatoes and spinach,  in a couple of tablespoons of oil and a knob of butter, adding a little salt and pepper to them.

2. When the veggies have cooled a little, mix them all together in a large bowl and  
add the beaten eggs and oil.  
You could save a tiny amount to brush the top of the pie with.

3. Grease a shallow dish or flan tin (as above pic.) and carefully lay your pastry sheet inside, pressing the   sides gently to fit the tin.  Trim off the excess with a knife - you will use this to make the lid.  Prick lightly with a fork and scatter a small amount of cornmeal on the base.  Put the filling into the flancase.  Add the cheesey chunks.

(At this stage you could add crispy bacon bits - if not a Veggie.)

4. Using the sheet the pastry is wrapped in - roll out the excess pastry for the lid, place on top and tuck in around the sides.  Make a small hole in the centre, bush with some beaten egg, and sprinkle on the sesame seeds.

Bake until becoming golden approx. 30 - 45 mins.
Serve hot.  This re-heats well in either the oven, or the microwave (covered)

Vegetable Pie 2- with olive oil pastry

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