Monday, 4 March 2013

Vegetable Pie (2) (with Olive Oil Pastry)

I had a hunt through my fridge, and found an assortment of vegetables - 
cooked leftovers can be included.  
Amounts aren't really crucial and you can use any mix of veg. that you have available.

Oven: 180/190 deg.C
Cauliflower florettes, halved or quartered if large
1 onion - peeled and chunkily chopped
2 or 3 stalks of celery - chopped
2 large carrots
2 cloves of garlic - peeled, crushed or chopped
approx. 2 tbls. olive oil/sunflower oil and a knob of butter 
a few mushrooms - halved or quartered
handful of peas
some cooked potatoes - peeled and sliced

a little cornmeal
some dried oregano and basil
A small amount of grated (hard) cheese
1 beaten egg, for glazing.

I tend to 'saute' the raw veg. in the microwave in a large pyrex bowl, with the oil and butter,
shake occasionally :) and cook until just becoming soft.  
Add the mushrooms, peas and cooked potatoes once the raw vegetables are sauted. 
Set aside.
1 oz. butter or sunflower oil
1 rounded tablespoon of plain flour
1/4pt. (150ml) vegetable stock
salt and white pepper plus some dried herbs

Put all ingredients, including some dried herbs, into a microwaveable jug, zap, stirring frequently until nice smooth sauce is achieved. 
Set aside.

Pastry: (food processor)
8 ozs. plain flour
6 tablespoons of olive oil
S&P and some dried mixed herbs 
Cold water - 2tbls. plus extra if needed
Put all the pastry ingredients into your food processor, and process until a nice ball of pastry is whizzing around cleanly in the bowl.  (I needed to add extra cold water).
Wrap in Klingfilm and chill for about 10 minutes  - (the pastry that is :) )

Putting the pie together:
Butter your ovenproof dish,
roll out half of the pastry on a floured surface and lay carefully into the dish, overlapping the edges.
Prick with a fork and sprinkle some cornmeal on to this base.
Put your veg. in adding a little grated cheese on top and then the sauce.
Roll out the remaining pastry for the lid, press down on the edges and trim off the extra pastry, and brush with the beaten egg. Make a small hole in the centre of the pie.
Bake until golden, and the juices are lightly bubbling through - approx. 45 mins.

Lovely served with some Dijon Mustard on the side.

Vegetable Pie 1.

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