Friday, 13 October 2017

Apple Chutney

Ingredients: approx. makes about 4lbs. of chutney
1lb. onions - peeled/chopped
1/2pt. white vinegar
2 lbs. apples after coring and peeling
4 ozs. sultanas
1 tsp. pickling spice
1 tsp. ground ginger
12 ozs. Demerara sugar
(sterilised jars*)

1. add 1/2 of the vinegar and chopped onions to your saucepan and simmer until almost soft.
2. Add the chopped apples with the sultanas, pickling spice (tied in a small piece of muslin or similar), ground ginger and enough of the vinegar to stop the ingredients from sticking and burning.l
3. Cook gently, stirring from time to time, until the ingredients are soft.
4. Add the remainder of the vinegar if you have some left.
5. Thoroughly stir in the sugar.
6. Boil until the mixture has become thick, but not too dry.
7. Remove the spice bag and pour into sterilised* jars.  Seal.

* put your jars in the oven at about 190 deg.C approx. and leave until they are hot.
Remove with gloves!
I stand mine on a baking tray so they are easier to lift out.
Take care!

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