Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Quick/Easy Cheesecake

250g Philadelphia Cream Cheese
110g (approx. 4ozs.) softened butter
125g Greek Yogurt - approximate measurements, little more or less is fine.
125g Double Cream - as above.
1 tsp. vanilla essence
75 - 110 g. (3 or 4ozs.) caster sugar
2 beaten eggs
2 tbls. self-raising flour
approx. 6 digestive biscuits - choc/plain or mix of both - crumbed

Crush the biscuits and place in the base of an ovenproof, well-buttered dish.

1. Cream the cheese and butter.
2. Add the yogurt and double cream - cream all together nicely.
3. Add the sugar, vanilla, flour and eggs - cream together. The mixture should be lovely - creamy and smooth.
4. Pour on top of your crushed biscuits and bake for approx. 1hr. or longer, until the cheese mixture is set nicely - no wobble in the centre.  

5. Leave to cool in the oven, with the door open.
If the cake sinks, while cooling, dont worry - you can fill it with sour cream, (while still warm).

When it's still just warm, you can put some sour cream/creme fraiche on the top.  The warmth of the cake will slightly set the sour cream.
Chill in the fridge before eating - (demolishing!)

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