Friday, 12 August 2016

Prawn and Potato Quiche


Oven: 180 deg.C (fan)
6ozs. plain flour
2.75 ozs. butter (hard)
1 large egg,
salt, pepper.
1 egg for egg wash - you can then add the egg you haven't used to the Savoury Custard. 

1.Crumb the flour and butter, add the egg, seasoning -
bring ingredients togther to make pastry and chill - (the pastry that is :) ) - for about 30 mins.
2.Roll out fairly thinly, and line a greased flan tin/dish with your pastry* and prick all over with a fork.
3.Place greaseproof paper on top and pile in your baking beans, spreading them evenly.
4.Bake blind for about 20 mins.
5.Remove beans and paper, wash the pastry with beaten egg and place back in the oven for approx. 10 mins. (You may need a little longer).

1 pack of large cooked prawns (roughly chopped)
1 large cooked potato (roughly chopped)
small amount of smoked salmon - optional

 Place into pre-baked pastry case.

Savoury custard:
5 eggs - beaten
3.5 fl.ozs. milk
7 fl.ozs. double cream
salt, black pepper
small amount of dried or fresh thyme/oregano
small amount of grated hard cheese, if wanted

Pour over the savoury custard, and bake until the custard is set and just beginning to golden.

I think this is nicest eaten cold with a good salad.

* some people dont trim the pastry until it is baked, but I find the edge is neater if trimmed when the pastry is raw.

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