Monday, 28 March 2016

Slow Roast Miso Pork Shoulder

1 x 5lb. approx. (but can be smaller) Pork shoulder
 .... (I think the US call it a 'Butt' :) )
piece of ginger root - peeled, crushed or grated (amount to taste)
several crushed garlic cloves (again, to your taste as to how many)
3/4 cup of miso (liquid) (I used a packet soup mix)
1 cup of sugar (1.1/2 if you like it sweeter)
3/4 cup of Soy Sauce

1. In a saucepan - mix the miso, sugar and soy together, add the ginger and garlic and bring to the boil - let it cool.
2. Place the meat in a roasting tin and pour the sauce over the meat.  Cover with foil.
At this stage you could leave it in the fridge till the next day.
3. Roast on a high heat for about 45 mins., - to an hour, then reduce the heat to around 150deg.C and just let it cook until it's very soft.  Test it with a skewer.  You can remove the foil 20mins or so before serving.

The sauce is delicious too!
I served the meat with baked rice and potatoes, plus a shredded lettuce salad with just a little sushi or mirin seasoning.

I strained off the liquid, leaving the meat covered in the oven,  and brought it to the boil in a saucepan, spooned some over the meat before serving, and served the rest of the sauce separately in a jug.
You can store the left over miso sauce in a jar in the fridge, and use when re-heating the meat, in the oven.  

I think the photo looks a little creepy - but the meat does taste delicious. :o)

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