Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Cauliflower Cheese - simple and tasty

!Plus Cheese!

Oven: 200 deg. C - Gas 7 - preheat
1 large cauliflower - broken into florettes (discard leaves)
500ml milk
4 tblspns of plain flour
50g butter
100gr grated strong cheddar cheese (or similar)
teaspoon of dry mustard powder or approx. teasp. of ready made mustard. 
3 tblspns of breadcrumbs - not essential - but good.
Butter for greasing baking dish.

1. Cook the cauliflower florettes for about 5 mins until just cooked through.  Drain.  Place into a buttered oven-proof dish.

2. Put the flour, mustard powder/mustard and a small amount of milk into a micro. bowl - mix until almost smooth (you may have the odd little lump - that's ok) : add the rest of the milk, butter and mustard or mustard powder.  Whisk together.

Place in micro, cook and whisk frequently until the sauce begins to thicken.  Remove from the micro and stir in the cheese.

Taste for seasoning.  If the cheese is salty - dont add too much extra salt.

3. Pour the sauce over the florettes, scatter the breadcrumbs over - with a little extra grated cheese, if wanted.  Bake until beginning to go slightly brown and bubbly.
Serve hot.

- you could add cooked macaroni to this dish. 
- you could also add the breadcrumbs into the sauce mix instead of sprinkling them on top.

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