Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Baked Barley

I dont know whether other people are the same as me, but I love the taste of cooked Barley - it's lovely in soups and stews (particularly lamb), and also apparently as good for you as oats - (re. cholesterol).  

I dont really like just boiling it - though I do use stock instead of just plain water - which I think is much nicer.  You can either add it to other dishes, have it as a side dish - definitely as part of a vegetarian meal, make veggie patties with it etc. etc.

I have to say - it probably doesn't look that appetizing when it's cooked, but  do try it, it has a lovely nutty flavour and is very easy to cook  .... it keeps very well (covered) in the fridge too.

Oven: 190 deg.C (fan oven)
Timing: approx. an hour - (depends on your oven - and the barley)
Baked Barley recipe:
Butter an ovenproof dish and put in 
1 cup of pearl barley
1 peeled and chopped onion +
Salt and ground black pepper - to taste
2 cups of 
hot chicken or vegetable stock plus about  
a teasp. of good mixed dried herbs.  

Stir together, then stir from time to time while cooking.
Check after about 40 minutes .... you may need to add extra hot stock if the barley isn't cooked through. Stir in some more hot stock and continue cooking. 
Taste the barley to see whether it's cooked through enough.

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