Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Veggie Filo Pie

This Recipe doesn't have one carrot in it! but it is 'veg' and it ispretty! :)

Oven: approx. 180 deg/C 
2 courgettes - topp'd, tailed and roughly cut into small chunks
2 or 3 cooked potatoes (remove peel if using jacket pots.) - also cut into chunks
1 red onion - roughly chopped - (a white onion is fine.)
clove or two of garlic if wanted (chopped)
Olive or Sunflower Oil + a knob of butter
2 or 3 beaten eggs
Salt, Black Pepper, dried Oregano/Marjoram
Filo Pastry Sheets

1. Saute the courgettes, garlic and onions until softened in the oil and butter.

2. Add the chopped potatoes - continue frying the veg. but dont colour them.
Season them and leave to cool. (This can be done well in advance.)

3.Don't forget to brush each sheet of Filo with oil/melted butter 
as you place them in the tin.
Grease a baking tin/dish - and place two or three sheets of Filo, overlapping in one direction, then place another 2 - 3 sheets on top, overlapping in the opposite direction - so the filling will be well covered, when the flaps are folded over.

4. Place the filling on the filo sheets, adding some dried oregano and more seasoning if necessary, beat two or 3 eggs and pour over the top, making sure the egg is evenly spread.  (It doesn't have to cover the filling.)   Fold the flaps over so the filling is well covered - (you can put another sheet on top to pretty it up). Brush with oil/butter.  
Bake until beautifully golden.

I like to serve this cold - good as part of a buffet, or just serve with a green mixed salad (and vinaigrette) for a light supper.  Keeps well in the fridge for a good few days.

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