Friday, 30 January 2015


While trying to whip some double cream for topping a cheesecake - something wasn't going right - though not quite sure what.  When I put it on to the cheesecake, it started sliding about - probably had overwhipped it.  I scraped it off and rather than waste it I carried on beating it with the electric whisk and was thinking 'butter', which I hadn't a clue what actually to do.  I carried on beating until it looked as though it had curdled, beat it some more until a liquid began to seep out.  I decided this was probably the whey, poured it off and continued beating it until I saw virtually no liquid  coming out.  (Put it into a sieve just in case, for the last few drops). ..... (I had added some salt and lemon juice but nothing else.)

I then began to pat it together with a flat knife, and lo and behold it looked like butter, felt like butter, definitely tasted like a creamy butter - - - - so presume I have made butter! :)

300 ml. of double cream (plus salt) will make approx. 6ozs. of butter.

Wh-hey!  ..... sorry about the pun :( 

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