Monday, 29 December 2014

Leftovers! (and Banana and Choc Cube Ice Lollies)

I think everyone must have their favourite Leftovers after Christmas - I enjoy the Leftovers just as much as the 'proper' meals they came from, 
and the good thing is you dont need to cook for a few days - at least.
.. so I haven't posted any exciting grown-up's recipes ...
just two teeny ones  - for the kids:

Banana Ice Lollies (recipe 1.)
using over-ripe bananas -
mash them down and add some Maple Syrup or Honey 
Freeze in ice cube trays, with little pieces of 
straws (the firmer ones) stuck in them, for sticks.
When ready to eat, you may need to release them by quickly 
dipping them into a tray of hot water.

Recipe 2
500ml. carton of chilled ready-made vanilla custard
200g dark chocolate, melted
(popping candy)
1 ripe banana - mashed
1-2 ice cube trays and some lolly sticks 

Warm the custard slightly
Stir in the melted chocolate and banana
Cool the mixture and pour into ice cube trays 
Freeze until almost solid and place the sticks in.
When the ice cream has set you can coat them in melted choc and popping candy
and place them on baking parchment until the choc has set.
Serve immediately.

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year - with lots of lovely food to come :)

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