Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Cream Cheese - Home Made - very very easy

2 cups of Greek (or Greek style) Yogurt (or amount of choice)
1 tsp salt - to taste
paper coffee filter or muslin cloth for straining off excess liquid
olive oil to drizzle over when serving
1. In a bowl, mix the yogurt and salt together and .........
(a) If using a cotton muslin to strain the yogurt, pour boiling water over it first to sterilise it, squeeze out when cooler, then place cloth in a sieve over a  bowl.  Pour in the yogurt and salt, cover with the overlapping muslin and let it drip drain - keep in the fridge overnight.
(b) If using a paper coffee filter, place a jar-lid in the base of a bowl to raise the filter slightly when filled with the yogurt. Cover.  
Pour off the whey from time to time. 
I found that the paper filter soaked up the excess liquid more quickly, so you may only need to leave for several hours until the right thickness of cream cheese is reached.
(c) You can also add some plain natural yogurt to the Greek Yogurt - this will give the cheese a tarter taste.
(d) You can add honey, maple syrup or more salt/ground black pepper, or fruit to serve.
I also used mine to make a cheesecake - which was delicious - but obviously don't sprinkle with too much olive oil.

This is also known as 'Labna' - and is Middle Eastern.

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