Friday, 4 July 2014

Ice Cream - Vintage American Recipe from 1914

Chocolate Ice Cream* (American recipe from 1914)
1 pt (575 ml)  cream ..... (presume this is double cream)
1 pt milk
6 eggs
5 ozs. (approx. 130g.) chocolate
3/4 lb.  (280g approx.) sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon extract

1. "Melt the chocolate, adding the cinnamon extract. Cook the custard."
2. Custard: 
    Warm the cream and milk through
    Beat eggs and sugar together
    Pour the milk slowly, onto the chocolate, eggs and sugar, stirring, and bring gently to the boil - 
    constantly stirring until the custard thickens.

3. "Cool/chill the custard and freeze".
4. "Pour the chilled cream into the freezer.  Place the freezer in the pail and pack with ice nearly to the top.  Sprinkle coarse salt uniformly on the ice as you pack it into the bucket.  Cover and fasten the can and turn it slowly until it becomes difficult to turn.
Open the can and remove the dasher."
5. "Scrape the cream from the sides of the can.  Mix until smooth, close the can and drain off the brine.  Add fresh ice and salt, covering the entire can.  Wrap a blanket around the freezer and let is stand two hours".

In very hot weather renew the salt and ice three times and keep the blanket cold and wet with the brine from the freezer"

*Think making ice cream today could be a mite easier! :) - but the recipe looks good.

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