Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Raspberry Frozen Yogurt - very easy - and very delicious....

 I found this recipe in this week's Mail on Sunday YOU Magazine -
 extremely simple and completely delicious :)
Ingredients: - 6-8 servings
4ozs. (125g) frozen (I used fresh) Raspberries
18ozs. (560g.) thick Plain Yogurt
4 tablespoons of Light Agave or Maple Syrup (I used Maple Syrup)
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

1. Conventional Method:
Place all the ingredients in your Ice Cream maker and churn for 25 mins or until thick enough to freeze.

However - I didn't use an ice cream maker, I just whizzed all the ingredients together in my food processor, poured it into a container and removed it from the freezer every so often and stirred it up well.  Even if it doesn't lose all of the sugar crystals - it still tastes delicious as it melts!  (Will go extremely well as a pud after Mary Berry's roast lamb! :) )

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