Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Salmon Fishcakes - very quick and easy

- you probably have most of the ingredients in your storecupboard/pantry......

Ingredients:- will make enough for about 4 people plus salads to serve or just have as a snack

1 tin of Alaskan wild salmon (213g approx.)
leftover mashed potato (approx. about same quantity)
1 beaten egg
Dried white breadcrumbs
Small amount of flour for coating the fishcakes.
Dried oregano/marjoram - teaspoonful
salt/ground black pepper
Rapeseed oil for frying

1. In your food processor - blitz the mashed potato till smooth.
2. Add the salmon (minus the liquid and boney bits), egg, seasoning and herbs.
3. If the mixture is loose, add enough breadcrumbs to make the mixture easy enough to roll into balls, but not too stiff.
4. Roll into largeish balls, coat in seasoned flour, reshape, and flatten out slightly.
5. In hot oil, fry each side until golden and drain on kitchen paper.

They are very nice cool or cold, but can be zapped in the micro, if you want them hot.

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