Thursday, 12 September 2013

Angel Cake Waldorf - with chocolate filling

Oven: 190 deg.C : 375 deg. F
Baking time: 30 - 35 mins approx.
Angel Cake tin preferably - (with hole in centre)

(A) Ingredients:
2 ozs. self-raising flour (50g)
3.1/2 ozs. caster sugar  (approx. 99g)
1. Sift these ingredients together.*

(B) 6 egg whites + pinch of salt
3/4 tsp. cream of tartar
3ozs. caster sugar
3 drops of vanilla essence and 2 drops of almond essence

2. Whisk eggs whites and salt until foamy.
3. Add the caster sugar - about 2 tbls. at a time, then add the essences.
  Continue whisking until the whites reach the stiff 'peak' stage
4. Carefully fold in the flour and cream of tartar.  Make sure all the flour is folded in.
5. Turn into a clean, dry tin (ungreased) and gently level the surface.  Draw a knife carefully through the mix to break any air bubbles or tap it gently(ish) on to your work surface) which will also help get rid of any bubbles.
6. Bake. 
When the cake is done, cool slightly, loosen around all edges and place the tin upside down on to a wire rack -  it should drop out as it cools.  If it doesn't - gently ease it up with a flat knife.
Leave till cold and decorate with the chocolate filling.

3 - 4 ozs. good plain chocolate
1 - 2 tblspns. water

1. Melt the chocolate gently in a bain-marie - (over hot water - don't let the base of your bowl touch the hot water)
Stir gently until shiny and smooth.
2. then add
1/2 pt. double (thick) cream - whipped until beginning just thick - (don't overbeat)
Add 1 dessert spoon of caster sugar - whip in - should be 'peaky' - but not too stiff - should just hold its shape.
3. Gently mix the cream and the chocolate together. 
4. Cut the cake in half - carefully - and spread over some of the filling - use the remaining filling for the outside, and in the centre of you have enough.

TIPS: You can bake the cake the day before you need it, keep in the tin and cover the top with klingfilm.  (I just loosen it a little, around the sides and the 'hole' section.)  
The next day - turn it upside down, tap it a couple of times, and it 'should' drop out!  
You can then freshly decorate it, and keep it in the fridge until needed.  

This cake is tricky to move once it's decorated, so it's best to 'frost' it while on the plate you wish to serve it on. If then storing in your fridge, cover it with a large enough bowl or dish to protect from marauders :) !.

It does also freeze very well, when decorated with the chocolate too.
You can fill the centre with fresh fruit i.e. strawberries, raspberries - your choice - with extra fruit on the side.

This cake is delicious!

This isn't my pic.unfortunately -  but mine looks like this one before the choc decoration!