Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Gypsy Creams with Chocolate Cream Filling - Biscuits/Cookies - very yum

Oven: 180 deg.C - 15 mins.
Ingredients: - makes approx. 30-32 biscuits

3 ozs. ( 75g) Caster sugar
2ozs. (55g)  'lard' - white vegetable fat (Trex) is excellent +
2 ozs. butter (or use all butter)
1 tsp. golden syrup 
3 tsps. boiling water
4ozs. (110g)  Self-Raising Flour
1/2 tsp. bi-carb.
1 cup of oats

Biscuit - Method:
Cream fat and sugar
Add golden syrup mixed with the boiling water
Add rest of dry ingredients and mix together well until you get a nice dough ball.
(This can all be done in a food processor)
Roll into small balls and bake on a greased tray in a pre-heated oven for 15 mins.
(They will spread slightly while baking.)

When done, leave for about a minute, and lift gently with a flat knife on to wire rack to cool.

Soft, but firmish dough
Space them on the foiled tray
The biscuits spread out as they bake

Leave to cool (and crisp-up) before filling
1.1/2 ozs. butter - softened
1.1/2 ozs Icing sugar
1 dessert spoon of cocoa - sifted

Cream these ingredients together.  
Use a large bowl as the icing sugar tends to fly everywhere!   
Keep the filling in the fridge for a short time just to firm up. 
Spread on one biscuit and sandwich two together.

They also make a lovely 'dunking' biscuit (either singles or filled) - are very moreish - and probably wont last long!


Jeany Mac said...

Gypsy creams

Shirl R said...

I think kids would love making these too - they're easy and taste delicious. :o)