Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Monkfish & Smoked Haddock Fish Balls (or patties)

While clearing out the freezer of stuff, to make room for more stuff for Christmas, I found some monkfish and a bit of smoked haddock - which I had to cook off once it had defrosted, and ended up with some lovely, light, fish balls. I then decided to buy some more monkfish and haddock to make another batch!  Ah well!   .....    This recipe doesn't really have exact amounts of ingredients - you can just wing it!

Piece of Monkfish (approx. 1 lb.)
Small piece of yellow smoked haddock (4-6 ozs.)
1 packet of ready cooked prawns (a few handfuls or or as many as you fancy)
Milk, pepper, couple of bayleaves
1 or 2 eggs
olive oil about 1 tbls.
Small onion (shallot)
PAXO breadcrumbs or similar
Seasoned Flour to coat

1.  Place fish in a buttered oven dish, and almost cover (about 3/4 way) with milk, few knobs of butter,  bayleaves and a little pepper - dont add salt, as the smoked haddock is usually pretty salty.
Bake it in the oven (about 180deg.C).  Basting it from time to time.
You could certainly poach it on your hob - but keep an eye on it so the milk doesnt burn.
2. When the fish is cooked, drain off the milk and retain*.  Let the fish get cold. 
You can leave it like this in a dish in the fridge for a few days - covered with klingfilm.

3. When ready to use, put the fish (skinless), few drops of oil, and prawns into a food processor and whiz until just mushy (or very mushy if you prefer). Taste for seasoning.
4. Place fish in a bowl and add chopped onion, little pepper if needed, beaten egg/s and enough breadcrumbs to make a nice mix, so you can roll into balls.

5. Wet your hands and make the fish patties or balls and coat them in flour.  You can reshape them a little at this stage.
6. Fry in a good, hot,  vegetable oil - suitable for frying - (groundnut is v.good)
7. Drain the balls on kitchen paper and put in a pretty bowl :)

I like mine cold, which would be good as part of a buffet meal too.

*You can use the milk as fish chowder with some cooked, chopped potato and sweetcorn - adjust seasoning if necessary. It probably wont make more than a couple of small bowls, but will taste good.

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