Saturday, 22 December 2012

Cranberries in Marsala Wine - Christmas Treat!

I decided to post this recipe separately, as it is completely delicious.  You can serve them with Ice Cream, Christmas Pudding or cheeses.

1 pack of frozen cranberries - 400g. - defrosted
Demerara Sugar and Maple Syrup - to your taste
small amount of water

Marsala Wine (or any sweet wine/sherry will do)

1. Put all the ingredients, except the wine,  into a small saucepan and gently boil - or microwave until the cranberries are just cooked - stir, add enough wine to just cover, and adjust the sweetness to your taste, with sugar or some maple syrup and a little lemon juice if wanted.

2. Boil again gently for a minute or so.  Strain the berries, keeping the juice.

3. Boil the juice gently also just for a minute or so until it has become very slightly syrupy - taste again.

4. Put the berries into a sterilised jar* and pour the juice over them - tapping  the jar gently on your counter to erase any air bubbles.  The juice should just about cover the berries - if not - just add some more wine!   Let it cool, put a lid on the jar, and label.  (I dont know how long these will keep, as it's the first time I've made them.)

*I sterilise my jars and lids by putting them in an oven (about 190deg.C) for at least 15/20 mins.  
Remove them carefully!   
A quick way is to carefully pour boiling water into the jars and lids and drain them before filling.

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