Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cheesecake - Basic, Never Fail!

with added sour cream on top - (round dish)

cooling with the oven open (rectangular dish)

Oven: 150--160 deg. C - 1.1/4 hrs. approx.

Biscuit crumb base*:
I use a mixture of chocolate digestives, ginger biscuits and any nice plain bix. crumbed in the food processor.  I dont add melted butter to them, but do butter the dish well.  I put at least 1/4"-1/2" on the base,  pouring the cheesecake mix on top.

Rest of ingredients: 4ozs. soft butter
4 ozs. golden caster or Demerara sugar
1/2 tsp. good vanilla essence
1 or 2 tsps. lemon juice - plus a little grated rind
2 eggs - beaten
1lb. cream cheese - if you use two packs and it comes to under 1lb., make up the difference with either double cream, creme fraiche or plain yogurt.
2 level tblspns. self-raising flour
handful of sultanas or raisins coated in a little flour - optional*
small amount of plain chocolate - to grate on to the sour cream


Butter your dish well and pour the biscuit crumbs on to the base.
Cream the butter and sugar
Add the vanilla, lemon juice and rind
Beat in the eggs plus a small amount of the flour - this stops the mixture curdling or splitting.
Beat in the cream cheese and rest of the  flour - mix well but dont over beat.  Add the sultanas/raisins if wanted.
Pour the mixture on to the biscuit crumbs and bake until set.  Touch the centre of the cake gently, and if it feels firm - it's done.

Turn off the oven when done, leave the door open and leave the cake to cool in the oven - (or pull out slightly).

Dont worry if it sinks - it probably will.
You should end up with a little 'wall' around the edges and a 'well' in the centre. (pic.below)
Leave to cool a little longer,  if necessary, but should still be warm when you add the sour cream.
Fill the 'well' with the sour cream, (you can add a little icing sugar to this if you like it sweeter), smooth over,  grate a little chocolate over the top - and leave to cool completely. (pic.above)  
Once cold, you can also add fruit to the top - eg. halved strawberries - sprinkled with icing sugar and/or grated chocolate.
To keep - refridgerate covered.
*TIP: save unused biscuits (as long as they're not stale) - crumb them in food processor, put in a plastic bag, seal, and can keep in fridge for ages - ready for next cheesecake!

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