Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Plum Cake Traybake

Oven: 170/180 deg. C - approx. 40 mins. 
7 ozs golden caster sugar
4 egg yolks * (keep whites to add later)
approx. 8fl.oz unwhipped whipping cream or creme fraiche (or mixture)
14 ozs. SR Flour (sifted) - or use mix of fine cornmeal and flour.  (If you use fine cornmeal instead of flour, you may have to add some baking powder.)
few drops of vanilla essence
4 egg whites * - stiffly beaten
There is no butter/fat used in this recipe - the egg yolks and the cream work instead.

2lbs. plums - halved and stoned

1 tblspoon of butter
2 tblspoons of plain flour
2 tblspoons of icing sugar
Mix these ingredients to a crumble

1. Cream together the sugar and egg yolks until paleish in colour
2. Stir in the cream
3. Carefully add in the flour and vanilla essence
4. Fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites.  You can whisk in about a tablespoon, then fold the rest in carefully.    You should have a thick pouring consistency.
5. Pour into your greased and floured baking tray - roasting tin with about a 2" depth will do.
6. Place the halved plums on top (skin side down) and sprinkle the Topping over them.

Bake for approx. 45 mins - but test with a skewer to see if cooked through.  The cake should also be coming away from the edges of the tin slightly.
**I made my cake, (pictured above), without the Topping and just sprinkled sugar over the top before baking.

The cake can also be made with fresh or tinned apricots - - - -  just as delicious :)

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