Sunday, 6 November 2011

A thing of beauty! - !Brussel Sprouts! - and a couple of good tips.

I bought this lovely Brussel Sprout Stalk a couple of days ago and thought it would be wonderful to sketch - and also eat of course.  A little tip when cooking sprouts is to put one or two bayleaves into the cooking water - it stops the horrible smell of sprouts invading your place.  (You can do this with all green veg.)

Although I love them cooked normally, you can also cook them, drain, and put them in the food processor and chop, fairly finely, but not to a mush, add seasoning, crushed garlic, knob of butter and serve.

Another good tip:  this probably works better with a smallish amount of sprouts .... just rinse them in cold water, pop them into boiling water and cook them until just tender (or how you like them).  You will find the outer leaves come off by themselves and you can just cut the bases off much more easily.  No need to pre-peel and cut the cross in the bases.

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