Friday, 14 October 2011

Creamy Pea Soup - very quick, (easy peasy!) - made in the Micro

approx. half pound sugarsnap peas (250g.)  (no need to pod them - use skins)
2 small/medium white potatoes
1 small(ish) white onion - peeled & roughly chopped
large clove of garlic - peeled and chopped
small knob of butter
Hot vegetable stock
salt, white pepper

Put all your ingredients, except the stock,  into a large Pyrex bowl
Zap until the veg. are beginning to soften
Add enough stock to well cover the veg. and zap again, for approx. another 5 mins/10mins.
Cool slightly, adjust seasoning if necessary - if it's too salty - add a little maple syrup or sugar to taste.
Pour into your liquidiser
On a fast speed,  liquidise until you have a nice creamy consistency - adding a little milk or more stock, if you need to and re-adjust seasoning.

Surprisingly, the peas and their pods liquidise very well.
Serve with a little cream or small knob of butter.

You can adjust the quantities easily with this recipe, just adding the right amount of stock for a creamy consistency.  It's also very nice chilled served with a dollop of cream.

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