Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Red Peppers (and garlic) & Pasta

Approx. 2 lbs. mixed Red Peppers, Teeny Toms, a few Mushrooms and enough cloves of crushed garlic to your taste.
Lots of good Olive Oil
Dried Oregano and Basil, plus some chopped rosemary if available.
Salt & Pepper

A few Anchovy Fillets
about 6 sundried tomatoes (in olive oil) - drained

Little Tip: If you find tomatoes/peppers a little acidic, use about a teaspoon of Arrowroot to a couple of tablespoons of cold water (slaked arrowroot) and stir in to the hot veggies - this will slightly thicken the sauce and seems to take away the acidity.

1. Place the vegetables in your roasting dish and pour over some good olive oil - dont drown them, but use quite a bit as this is part of the sauce.

2. Add your herbs and seasoning and not too much salt if you are adding Anchovies.  You can always add more salt if needed.

3. Roast at 190 deg.C for approx, 40/45mins. (shake them from time to time),  till cooked through - some of the veg,. may be just going black ..... that's good!  Squish the veggies down a little with a wooden spoon.

4. Chop the Anchovies and sundried tomatoes, add to the warm roasted veg. and put aside until needed.

This reheats well, and also keeps well in the fridge.  
It's lovely eaten cold as a light snack - with some good bread & butter ..
or use as a sauce with Pasta preferably a short-shaped pasta.  
You could also liquidise the roasted vegetables if you like a smooth sauce, but it looks lovely and rustic just as is.

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