Monday, 9 May 2011

Leftover Cake Cake!

I experimented with a strange fruit cake recipe, the other day, and it turned out very dry. As I cant bear to throw anything out without possibly trying to recycle it, I added some eggs, milk and sugar to the broken up cake and ....... lo and behold ..... it was really good :). You can either eat it cold or reheated as a pudding (with cream or custard) - great both ways.


(approx.) 3 cups of leftover fruit cake - either crumbed or cut into small cubes. Place in baking tin (greased if necessary).
3/4 cup of orange juice - pour over the cake and let it stand while you mix the other ingredients together - which doesn't take very long.

2 cups of milk
3 eggs - beaten
1/2 cup of sugar - add less sugar if the original cake is very sweet.
large pinch of salt.
Mix all these ingredients together and pour over cake. Shake the tin a little to even out the mix.

Bake at 180 deg. C until cooked through* and looks 'set'. (approx. 30 mins for 3 cups of cake).
The baking time will depend on the amount of cake used. If you only have a small amount of cake - also reduce the other ingredients - it shouldn't go wrong whatever you do.

*test with skewer.


Anonymous said...

very helpful! thanks!

BeadBag said...

It's really good - tastes a little like brad pud. (Keep it in the fridge.)
Thanks for your comment.