Saturday, 12 March 2011

Paris Market nr. Bastille

If you want to see more lovely foody pics from the Paris market near the Bastille area - click here
The seafood looked wonderful - and such a huge variety.


Gherkin said...

aaaaahhhh I used to work right near this market - soooo many gorgeous things to see, taste and smell!

Mario said...

Hello from California. My name is Mario and I wanted to thank you for adding me as a friend on the UK Foodbloggers. I wanted to visit your blog. I am glad that you did not let the large number of food blogs stop you from creating your own. It's all art and your artwork deserves to be out here being appreciated and enjoyed. What a cool photo of the seafood at the Bastille. And your chocolate pudding just looks delicious. I write a blog on people and relationships through stories about Food, recipes and Restaraunt reviews. Sometimes vice versa. Please visit. Maybe leave a comment. Maybe Follow. Thanks so much.

BeadBag said...

Hi Gherkin - whenever I go to a French market - I want to buy stuff and start cooking! Unfortunately most times we are in a hotel!!