Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sausage, Roasted Onions and Mash - simple comfort food

I'm afraid I didn't think to take a photo of this when I made it, (photo above isn't mine), - but this good old British staple is always delicious and easy & quick to make. I roast my onions so it's also good, particularly if you dont like peeling & chopping them .........

Ingredients: quantity below serves 2
Good Pork Sausages - 6
2 white onons - unpeeled
2 red onions - unpeeled
little olive oil, seasoning
Good mashed potatoes.

Preheat Oven to approx. 190/200 C.
Separate your sausages and place them in a roasting tin with a little water in the bottom.
Bake them for approx. 30 mins (until golden and cooked through).
You can double-foil-line your roasting dish - then you might not have too much trouble washing it up afterwards! :)

Roasted Onions:
Place unpeeled onions in 2 sheets of foil in your roasting dish
Pour a little olive oil over each one, and add a small amount of water
a Sprinkle of sugar if wanted -
Parcel them up and baste occasionally - roast till cooked through. (Test with a skewer).

I then open the parcel, cut the onions (carefully as they're hot!) in halves and either leave them for a little longer in the oven to slightly caramelise or put them under the grill.

Cooking them in foil also saves a bit more grungy washing up!

While the sausages are baking, make your Mashed Potatoes, adding a good knob of butter and a little warm milk - if wanted.

If your sausages aren't cooked yet, put the mash into an ovenproof dish with a knob of butter and a thin layer of milk on top and leave in the oven until ready to use.

When all is done - carefully peel the outer skins from the onions, plate up your mash, sausages on top and roasted onions on the side - with the added juices ............ yum!
(Serve with nice green salad + vinaigrette).


Nora said...

Yum! Sausage and mash is one of my all time favourites. I usually make an onion gravy by frying the onions, but roasting them is a fantastic idea. And the help with the washing up can't help either!

BeadBag said...

Thanks Nora - (it's one of my faves too) - onion gravy is gorgeous - but this was really a quick supper and the juices from the caramelised onions were pretty nice.