Sunday, 16 August 2009

Blackberry Ice Cream, Blackberry Sorbet and A Very Easy Vanilla Ice Cream - without an ice cream maker

Now that Blackberries are in season - try this lovely ice cream - I dont have an ice-cream maker, but do have a steel bowl with my Kitchen Aid food processor. I chilled this overnight (with the paddle) in my fridge, and found it worked perfectly well, and I have lovely ice cream.

Blackberry Ice Cream (using an ice cream maker)
4 cups fresh blackberries
1 cup water
Sugar - - - 1 cup of for each cup of juice
2 1/2 cups whipping cream
Garnish: fresh blackberries and mint leaves

Line a colander with two layers of dampened cheesecloth. Set over large bowl.

Combine the berries and water in medium saucepan. Slowly bring to boil.
Reduce heat and simmer gently until soft, about 10 minutes.
Pour into cheesecloth-lined strainer.
Let stand until juice has drained into bowl, about 30 minutes.

Gently squeeze pulp to extract remaining juice.
Measure berry juice into heavy medium saucepan.
Add 1 cup sugar for each cup juice.
Cook over low heat, swirling pan occasionally, until sugar dissolves.
Increase heat and boil syrup 2 minutes.
Cool completely.
Mix 2 1/2 cups of the syrup with the cream.
Refrigerate until well chilled.

Put the blackberry mixture into your ice-cream maker - and make according to manufacturer's instructions.
Freeze in covered container several hours to mellow flavors.
To serve - decorate with fresh berries and mint leaves.

and ........
Very Easy (and delicious) - Vanilla ice cream - without using an ice-cream machine

Vanilla Ice Cream - (uses raw eggs)
- Mary Berry Recipe
4 eggs separated - organic & free range if poss -
4 ozs caster sugar
½ pt double cream - whisked till peaky
Few drops of a good vanilla essence

Whisk whites until stiff
Add sugar a little at a time - Beating gently and continuously till you have a shiny meringue mix.
Mix yolks together and fold carefully into whites.
Whisk cream till stands in peaks (but not too stiff) - about same consistency as the whites.
Fold into meringue mix with metal spoon or a balloon whisk -
Adding a few drops of vanilla (to taste).
Pour into freezer container/box - cover with foil or lid.
Remove from freezer and allow to soften for a short time before serving.


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I will seriously have to try this as the Ice Cream sounds great! I still have a glut of blackberries in the freezer after lots of Blackberry related posts on my blog this Autumn already - "Anyone For Seconds?"