Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Broad Bean Salad - really simple

Ingredients: enough for 2 good portions

about 1/2 lb. broad beans - shelled
couple of handfuls of young spinach leaves (washed and stalks trimmed)
1/2 dz. chestnut mushrooms - wiped clean and sliced
A handful of chopped fresh corriander or flat leaf parsley
parmesan shavings - optional

Dressing: Vinaigrette:
I usually use a ratio of 4 (olive) oil to 1 (cider or wine) vinegar .........
(you could also use fresh lemon juice instead of vinegar)
Plus: mustard or mustard powder - to taste
Salt/pepper/ crushed garlic
Little sugar
Plus any favourite vinaigrette ingredient.
Place all ingredients into a screw-top jar - shake well & taste before using.

(A little flaxseed oil also gives a nice nutty flavour.)

1. Throw beans into a large pan of boiling water.
2. Bring back to the boil and cook for 1-2 mins until just tender.
3. Drain and refresh in cold water and gently squeeze off the outer coating of the beans so you get the lovely bright green bean halves.
4. Mix all the salad ingredients together with the dressing drizzled over.

Add the parmesan if wanted.

You could also add some crushed, crispy bacon bits - (if you're not a veggie.)

......... You cant beat seasonal and simple.

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