Saturday, 27 June 2009

Chicken Liver Pate : Egg Mayo - Two Starters

This is a very tasty and easy starter, or cold buffet dish -
if you like chicken livers!


1/2lb chicken livers - rinsed, & picked over to clean any bits
1 good sweet white onion - peeled and roughly chopped
clove or two of garlic - crushed
olive oil
S&P, fresh or dried Thyme - or both
2 hard boiled eggs - remove the yolk from one and set aside as (grated) garni

1. Pour some olive oil in your heated frying pan. Dont be sparing with the oil, as this also goes into the processor and the livers wont be too dry.
(Enough oil to well cover the base of the pan, plus a little more), when heated -

2. Add your onions , the thyme & garlic and fry until the onions are just softened.

3. Add your chicken livers.

I like to cook my chicken livers through, but not overcooked. I dont like them to remain pink, as I dont think it gives the pate a good look, and the next day - it doesn't seem to taste as good.

4. When the livers are done, adjust the seasoning if you need to, and leave them to cool.

5. Put them in your food processor with the hard boiled eggs (minus one yolk) and process until a smooth pate is achieved. Dont over process this, but dont leave the livers still grainy.

6. Scoop out of your processor, and place in a pretty plate. If using a flat plate, using a fork, flatten the pate down slightly and then with a knife - neaten around the edge. Use the saved hard yolk to grate over the top.

Serve with gherkins and little white pickled onions.
Very pretty - and very tasty.

This goes very well with home made Egg-Mayo: (or Egg & Onion)
Hard boiled eggs - run under cold water & when done, bash with a knife (this releases a gas and stops the yolks going black) - Cool slightly and peel them.
Good Mayonnaise and some chopped Spring Onion or Chives

Put the eggs in your food processor and pulse until evenly crumbled, but not smooth.
Pour into a clean bowl and add your mayo (enough to bind eggs together plus some extra), spring onions (or chives) and season.
Taste as you may need to adjust the seasoning. It's nice quite salty.
Place on a plate or dish, as above for Chicken Liver Pate, and sprinkle chopped chives over.
This is nice chilled. (photo below is half-eaten Egg Mayo! - didn't think to take the photo before it got eaten!)

Enjoy them both!

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