Monday, 4 May 2009

Fishcakes/Patties - quick & storecupboard

1 tin of Red Salmon - 418 grms.
1 Spring Onion (scallion) peeled and chopped
1 small-med. handful of fresh Corriander - chopped - (or dried mixed herbs, but fresh corriander is nicer)
2 tbls. Cornmeal plus some extra, in a small bowl - for coating
1 beaten Egg
Salt and Black Pepper

Corn Oil for frying
Greaseproof paper
Mayo to serve

What you do:
Drain the liquid from the tinned salmon and carefully remove the small central bones.
Break the salmon up with a fork - till fairly unlumpy and smooth.
Add the rest of your ingredients and mix well.
Form into small patties (or balls) and coat in the extra cornmeal.
Shallowish fry, turning them once or twice, until a nice golden colour.
Drain on the greaseproof or kitchen paper.
Serve with a good Mayonnaise.

These are lovely made as little balls and served as part of a buffet, or just eat as a quick snack with salad.

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