Wednesday, 29 April 2009

5 Minute Chocolate Mug/Cup Cake

5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake .................. Not!
This 'great idea' recipe seeems to be doing the rounds at the moment - I have tried it out 3 times and think it's rubbish! It doesn't look good and it doesn't taste good. I wished mine looked half as good as the one pictured above - which isn't mine. I dont think you can make a good cake successfully in the micro - maybe a pudding - but I dont think cakes cooked using this method work well at all. (I chucked the first one away - so no pic.)

If anyone else has actually tried this recipe out, and have been happy with it - please let me know.

I slightly amended the recipe on the 2nd and 3rd tries and still got pathetic results in both looks and taste :

basic ingredients
& 2nd try

very sad cake :(
the third try still looked horrible and didn't taste much better even with my favourite Maple Syrup added!
would love your comments.


HFJ said...


I saw your post about the 5 minute chocolate mug cake and had to leave a comment! I tried this (and blogged about it! a few weeks ago and came to pretty much the same conclusion as you - not good! Mine looked ok but tasted just wrong. I think I'd rather take a bit more time and mix up a batch of proper fairy cakes. Shame though, it was such a nice idea in theory!

BeadBag said...

Hi HFJ - thank you for your comment - I'm so pleased it wasn't just me!

Melly said...

It looks like you didn't mix the ingredients thoroughly enough. I tried it and by reducing the oil to 1 tbsp it was the perfect consistency of an American chocolate brownie. It does need a high powered microwave to rise properly and needs to be placed exactly in the centre of the turntable plate and who cares if it doesn't look amazing, the idea is to eat it straight from the microwave with a dollop of ice cream. A pure indulgence.

dea said...

so yummy