Wednesday, 18 March 2009



"The results of the price barometer illustrate that the reprieve in the pace of price inflation evident in the first quarter has abated."

"predictors of beaconicity" ....... (local Council-speak?!)

This is my mini-rant! - I cant stand jargon, particularly from Government or Local Councils - (although they are not the only culprits........ insurance companies?) Why cant people say exactly what they mean in plain and simple language that we can all easily understand?

Food is another very important area where language should be simple. Does anyone ever try and compare the ingredients and nutritional information on labels from one product to another - and make any sense out of it? Measurements dont seem to be universal, or - in such tiny print that you cant read either the ingredients or anything else that may be relevant.

Check out the website for 'plain English'.

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